Triggering a spark of enthusiasm and hope

Triggering a spark of enthusiasm and hope

Sayen Voskanyan, client of Kamurj in Armenia

For many years, Sayen Voskanyan’s family from Mkhchyan village in the Artashat district has strived for better housing conditions. This villager has been working together with Kamurj for two years now. After his father passed away, he had to take over responsibility for feeding the family. He currently lives with his wife, mother and two small children. For over a year he tried his fortune outside the country, working abroad and sending remittances back to his family. However, his attempts were unsuccessful and he decided to return to his native land and set up a flower-growing business.

Although his first loan was not large, just 150 000 AMD (around $400), it triggered a spark of enthusiasm and hope in his eyes. He received some specific training concerning this type of business while his wife supported him in sowing and cultivation. Currently he has a larger loan, around $950, which is invested in the business. The annual income of his family has grown to around $10,000.

Today everyone in the village admires Sayen’s beautiful garden which grows cloves, asters and chrysanthemums. Currently he plans to hire 1-2 employees who can help him to double the business over the next two years.