A driven international team

Our experts take into account every operational, financial and legal aspect involved in the advisement of funds in an international environment. They have wide experience with microfinance and maintain contacts with investors, MFIs and other parties worldwide. All of Incofin IM’s employees are “committed beyond investment”: they are closely involved in every investment. When an application for funding is submitted, they investigate the case profoundly in advance and monitor the investment afterwards.

Team Belgium

  • Loïc De Cannière
    Chief Executive Officer
    T: +32 3 829 25 62
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    Loïc De Cannière joined Incofin Investment Management as CEO in 2001.

    He successfully restructured and grew the fund management company into one of the larger microfinance and impact investment fund management companies, with a very strong focus on balancing financial and social returns. Today, Incofin IM manages combined total assets of 350 M EUR. Incofin IM’s flagship funds are Rural Impulse Fund I & II, which are focusing on investments in rural microfinance institutions. Incofin IM’s investor base comprises large private institutional investors and development finance institutions. Incofin IM has a team of 36 dedicated professionals and has offices in Belgium (Antwerp), Colombia (Bogota), India (Chennai) and Kenya (Nairobi). 

    Recently, Incofin IM launched “Fairtrade Access Fund”, an impact investment fund providing finance to Fairtrade labelled producers organisations worldwide.

    He actively promotes the inclusion of social performance parameters into microfinance and impact investments, by participating in the PIIF Steering Committee and by adhering to other initiatives, such as the Social Performance Task Force.

    Loïc De Cannière is a Board member of AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria.

    Before he joined Incofin, Loïc De Cannière was responsible for structured finance at the DEME Group, where he structured large port and environmental projects in Tunisia, Ghana, Nigeria, Qatar, India, Bangladesh and Taiwan. Loïc De Cannière studied economics and philosophy at the Universities of Louvain (Belgium) and Munich (Germany).

  • Geert Peetermans
    Chief Investment Officer
    T: +32 3 829 25 82
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    Geert Peetermans is a microfinance specialist, who joined Incofin in 2002. Geert designed Incofin’s investment policy and is responsible for the coordination of the investment operations of Incofin’s Pool of Funds and for guiding the team of investment managers. Geert is Director of the Rural Impulse Fund, and sits on the Board of Directors of Edpyme Confianza in Peru, Fie Gran Poder in Argentina and Apoyo Integral Inversiones in Panama.

    Before joining Incofin, he worked as a consultant for the Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation, an institution supporting microfinance in rural areas, where he published on the topic of “Guarantee systems in microfinance” (with support from ILO).
    From 1997 until 2000, he was entrusted by a Belgian development organization to start microfinance operations of Acción Rural, a Greenfield MFI in Ecuador.

    Geert studied economics at the University of Louvain. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Dutch and has a fair ability to express in German and French.

  • Frederik Vandepitte
    Chief Strategy, Investor Solutions & People
    T: +32 3829 25 65
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    Frederik Vandepitte joined Incofin IM in 2016 as Chief Strategy, Investor Solutions & People. He concentrates on the development of new 'Impact Investment' funds and explores, evaluates and implements new investment opportunities next to the financial and agrosector. 

    Before starting with Incofin, Frederik has been working for 13 year with  Morgan Stanley in London, Sydney (Australia) and Belgium. Managing Director – Head of Investment Banking Belgium, he was responsible for business development and execution of transactions in Belgium. Before he has been a management consultant forThe Boston Consulting Group.

    Frederik has a Master in Commercial Engineering in Management Informatics of the University of Louvain and an MBA of the Columbia Business School (New York).  He fluently speak English, French and Dutch.

  • Togo O'Brien
    Corporate Development Manager
    T: +32 3 829 25 83
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    Togo O’Brien joined Incofin in February 2017 and works closely with the Management Team on strategy initiatives and the development of new funds. An economist by profession, Togo has over 9 years of experience specialising in sustainable investment for emerging and established markets.

    Prior to Incofin, Togo worked at Dalberg (International Development Specialist, Contractor), Origin Energy (Senior Commercial Development Advisor, APLNG Upstream) and Deloitte Access Economics (Corporate Finance Manager, Economic & Infrastructure Advisory).

    Togo holds a Master of Development Economics (Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands/University of Queensland, Australia), Bachelor of Commerce and Arts (University of Queensland). She is also a Chartered Accountant (ICAA, Australia). Togo is a native English speaker, with working knowledge of Mandarin, Mongolian and basic understanding of Dutch.

  • Rita Van den Abbeel
    Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
    T: +32 3 829 25 73
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    Rita Van den Abbeel joined Incofin in 2002 and is currently Director Internal Control and Compliance.  As Chief Risk Officer she managed the overall risks within Incofin Investment Management and the different funds under management. She has also been appointed director Agrofinance, being the focal point of agricultural finance projects within the company.

    Previously she was responsible as CFO for managing accounting, preparation of financial accounts (for Incofin Investment Management and the funds under management), currency risk hedging, tax policy, liquidity management, ALM, and the Management Information System.

    Before that, Rita worked as an investment manager responsible for Africa. Before joining Incofin, she also worked for 12 years in Africa (Tanzania, Congo) on agricultural and agro-processing related projects. From 1998 until 2001 she managed a microcredit fund and business center in Tanzania.

    Rita holds a Master in agronomy, with a specialty in tropical agriculture, phytotechnics and economics. She is fluent in English, French, Dutch and Kiswahili. She has a fair ability to express in German.

  • Ellen Wouters
    Chief Legal Officer
    T: +32 3 829 25 38
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    Ellen Wouters joined Incofin Investment Management in 2010 as Chief Legal Officer and is responsible for all legal affairs of the company.

    Prior to Incofin Investment Management, Ellen worked for almost eight years at the international law firm SJ Berwin LLP. In this function, she provided legal advice to clients (often investment funds) in national and international transactions including mergers and acquisitions, both on the buy and sell side, spin-offs and restructuring. Over the years, she has built an extensive experience in financial law and fund related matters.

    Ellen has a good knowledge of the functioning of the European institutions and is in regular contact with them closely following up and monitoring all matters influencing the activities of Incofin Investment Management and the microfinance sector as a whole.

    Ellen holds a Master in Law of the Catholic University of Louvain, a Master in European Law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She is fluent in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

  • Caroline Schouwenaars
    Senior Legal Counsel
    T: +32 3 829 25 78
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    Caroline Schouwenaars joined the legal department of Incofin IM in February 2017.

    Prior to joining Incofin, Caroline worked as a lawyer and practice manager within the Corporate/M&A Department of  the international law firm Loyens & Loeff in Brussels for 9 years. She also has several years of experience working as an in-house counsel in a Spanish multinational company in Madrid, where she mainly focused on corporate and commercial law. Caroline is also very familiar with legal document automation and legal knowledge management, and worked on several innovative projects in this context.

    Caroline holds a Law Degree of the Belgian Universities of Namur (FUNDP) and Leuven (KUL), she spent one year at the Universidad de Granada (Spain) as an Erasmus student, and holds a Master in European Law from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain).

    Caroline is a native Dutch speaker, is fluent in English, Spanish and French, and has a basic command of German. 

  • Valerica Voinea
    Legal Counsel
    T: +32 3 829 25 67
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    Valerica Voinea joined the legal department of Incofin IM in February 2017.

    Before joining Incofin IM Valerica worked as company lawyer at KBC Group NV where for 5 years she provided legal support in debt capital markets transactions and during the last 1,5 year she coordinated the legal team providing support in syndicated lending transactions. Valerica is also familiar with hedging/derivatives transactions under ISDA. The working experience at KBC allowed her to develop strong project management and negotiation skills.

    Valerica holds a Master degree in Law from the University of Ghent. She is fluent in Romanian, Dutch and English, has a good spoken ability of Spanish and basic knowledge of French and Italian.

  • Durdona Kadirova
    Regional Director Eastern Europe and Central Asia & Fund Manager
    T: +32 3 829 25 39
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    Durdona Kadirova joined Incofin in 2011 as Senior Investment Manager to supervise Incofin IM's investments in CIS and NEE region.

    Durdona has been working in the banking sector since 1996, when she started her employment with one of the largest local commercial banks in Uzbekistan. She has more than 20 years of experience in the microfinance industry all over Eastern Europe and the Central Asian region.

    Prior to Incofin IM, Durdona worked as independent consultant for a number of esteemed organizations, including Triple Jump Advisory Services in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan; Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Moldova; and CHF International in Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has also worked as International Expert for UNDP in Turkmenistan, as Associate Banker for EBRD in Uzbekistan, as well as in various positions for FINCA in Kosovo, Georgia and Armenia.

    In 2016 April, she was promoted as a Fund Manager for CIS& NEE, ASIA and MENA regions. Apart from that, she is the Supervisory board member of equity investee companies of Incofin IM (in Kazakhstan, in Armenia and in Georgia).

    Durdona studied Economics at the Agro-Economic University in Uzbekistan. She holds an MA degree in Banking from the Banking and Finance Academy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She is fluent in Uzbek, Russian and English and has good practical knowledge of Turkish. 

  • Lionel Dieu
    Fund Manager / Senior Investment Manager
    T: 32 3 829 25 30
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    Lionel joined Incofin Investment Management in March 2016 as Investment Manager.

    Before joining Incofin, Lionel worked for Triodos Investment Management in the Netherlands for more than 4 years. In his position as Investment Officer,  he closed transactions in more than 15 emerging markets in both Africa and Latin America where he invested in the inclusive finance sector.

    Lionel holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Mons (Belgium) and a complementary Master in microfinance from Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management. He is fluent in English, Spanish, French and has good command of Dutch. 

  • Jan Dewijngaert
    Director Private Equity
    T: +32 3 829 25 79
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    Jan Dewijngaert joined Incofin Investment Management in 2015 as Director Private Equity with a special focus on Central& Eastern Europe and the NIS countries.

    Previously he was a partner at Gimv, a leading European private equity company, where he was responsible for the activities in Central & Eastern Europe and the CIS. He set up and managed seven funds that focused on investments in this region. During his 25 years at Gimv, he executed more than 50 investments across a wide variety of sectors and exited most of them.

    Prior to joining Gimv, Jan was Advisor at KBC Bank from 1983 to 1989. At KBC Bank, he worked as an international loan officer in the Brussels head office, Bremen (Germany) and New York.

    Jan holds a MS in Civil Engineering and obtained a post master degree in Industrial Policy at the Universtity of Louvain (Belgium). Recently, he also completed the Advanced Management Program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

  • Elvina Garayeva
    Investment Manager
    T: +32 3 829 25 60
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    Elvina Garayeva joined Incofin in August 2016 as an Investment Manager for the CIS and Balkans.

    Before joining Incofin team, Elvina worked as a consultant in investment, funding and fundraising for various clients in Brussels since 2011. Prior to this, Elvina worked as a financial auditor at PwC, risk specialist at DemirBank (Azerbaijan) and Compliance officer at Credit Suisse (France).

    Elvina holds a Master degree in European Economic Integration and Business from College of Europe (Belgium), a Master degree in Bank Management and International Finance from Nice-Sophia Antipolis University (France) and a Bachelor degree in International Economic Relations from Azerbaijan Economic University. She is a certified project manager (CAPM). Elvina is a native Azerbaijani speaker, fluent in Russian, English and French, and has a good conversational level of Turkish.

  • Shabdan Tagaev
    Investment Manager
    T: +32 3 829 25 60
  • Andrii Tiurenkov
    Investment Manager
    T: 32 3 829 25 34
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    Andrii joined Incofin in 2015 as Investment Manager with a particular focus on CESEE and NIS countries.

    Andrii has been working in MSME finance sector since 2005. Before joining the Incofin team, he was in charge of MSME products development at Ukrgasbank (Ukraine). Before that, he used to work at the major Ukrainian commercial banks such as PrivatBank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval and Trust Bank, where he was responsible for loan portfolio management and microlending operations.

    Andrii holds a Master degree in Management from Ternopil National Economic University and obtained a complementary Master in Microfinance degree from Autonomous Madrid University. He is also a Certified Expert in Risk Management (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) and holds a Certificate in Financial Risk and Regulation from GARP.

    Andrii is native Ukrainian, fluent in Russian and English and has a basic command of Spanish.

  • Johann Fourgeaud
    Investment Manager Agro
    T: +32 3 829 25 32
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    Johann Fourgeaud joined Incofin early 2015 as an Investment Manager to supervise Incofin IM's investments in Agriculture. Johann is mainly involved in “Fairtrade Access Fund” and “AgRIF”, worldwide impact investment funds providing finance to Fairtrade labelled producers and Food Producers Organisations.

    Previously, Johann worked as Private Equity Analyst in social investment fund focused in innovative SMEs in Sub Saharan Africa. He also launched, in 2013 an equity crowdfunding website called to develop the fund activities.

    Prior to that, Johann was Project Officer for agricultural programs in AFD (French Development Agency) in Vietnam and Cambodia. He started his young career by socioeconomics studies in large plantations for CIRAD in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Johann graduated as Master in Agriculture Engineering and obtained a master degree in Corporate Finance. He speaks French, English and Spanish.

  • Danielle Du Bois
    Executive Assistant
    T: +32 3 829 25 36
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    Danielle Du Bois joined Incofin in August 2016 as Executive Assistant.

    She has built up a broad experience as an Office Manager and as an Assistant in different American companies and Major Law Firms.  She worked in several domains like pharmaceuticals, law, banking and consultancy.

    Danielle holds a Bachelor in Marketing, Advertising and PR.  She is Flemish Mother tongue and speaks French and English fluently.   

  • Yanou Segers
    Communication & Office Associate
    T: +32 3 829 25 36
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    Yanou joined Incofin IM in February 2017 as Communication & Office Associate. She is responsible for all online and offline communication, and also supports the admin and legal team in terms of administration.

    Yanou has over 2 years of experience in marketing and communication, and worked for different brands prior to joining Incofin. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Plantijn Hogeschool in Antwerp and did a course in Graphic Design. She is a native Dutch speaker and is fluent in English and French. She also speaks Spanish and has a basic knowledge of Italian. 

  • Wouter Kindermans
    Fund Finance Manager
    T: +32 3 829 25 68
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    Wouter Kindermans joined Incofin Investment Management as Financial Controller in August 2012.

    Before joining Incofin, Wouter worked for almost 2 years as a Controller for a large Belgian Manufacturing Company. He started his career at Ernst & Young Belgium where he worked for 6 years as Manager in the Audit department.

    Wouter holds a Master degree in Economics with a Minor in Finance and Accountancy of the University of Hasselt (Belgium). He speaks Dutch, English and French.

  • Wim Van Looveren
    Fund Finance Manager
    T: +32 3 829 25 86
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    Wim Van Looveren joined Incofin Investment Management in January 2009. Wim is working for the financial department of Incofin. As Financial Analyst he is also supporting the Investment Managers.

    Since 2006 Wim has built up an extensive financial experience while working as senior auditor for Ernst & Young.

    Wim graduated at the Antwerp University as Master in Applied Economic Sciences. He also obtained a Post Master degree in International Relations.

  • Nick Van Overloop
    Senior Accountant
    T: +32 3 829 25 63
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    Nick Van Overloop joined Incofin Investment Management as Senior Accountant in September 2016.

    Before joining Incofin, Nick started his career at an accounting company where he worked for 2 years as a Junior Consultant in the Accounting department.

    Nick holds a Bachelor degree in Accountancy & Taxation of the Karel De Grote Hogeschool (Belgium). He speaks Dutch, English and French.

  • Achim Deviaene
    Finance and Administration Officer
    T: +32 3 829 25 64
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    After Achim graduated in Business management, he worked for the accountancy departments of Agfa Gevaert and Invensys. With a strong interest in figures and analyses, he is very valuable for the financial department of Incofin IM, which he joined in 2007.

  • Viktoria Popova
    Technical Assistance Manager
    T: + 32 3 829 25 35
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    Viktoria joined Incofin IM in June 2017 as Technical Assistance Manager. She is responsible for the overall coordination of the TA department, management of TA Facilities, donor relations and fundraising.

    Viktoria has over 5 years of experience in managing capacity building programs for banks, MFIs and sector institutions, primarily in the region of Southeast Europe. Prior to joining Incofin, Viktoria worked in TA at Finance in Motion, Germany and had short-term assignments with the German Agency for Development Cooperation (GIZ) and International Trade Center (ITC) in Geneva. Viktoria holds a Master’s Degree in European Studies from Hamburg University. She is a native Russian speaker and is fluent in English and German.

  • Ludovica Amatucci
    Technical Assistance Officer
    T: 32 3 829 25 37
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    Ludovica joined Incofin IM in September 2015 as Technical Assistance Associate and is responsible of supporting the Technical Assistance Coordinator in the daily management of the TA Facilities. 
    Ludovica hold a MSc in Development Economics from the University of Florence and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences and International Relations from LUISS Guido Carli. Before joining Incofin IM, Ludovica has been working at United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Investment and Promotion Office in Rome and did two internships at Instituto Banco Palmas, a Community Bank in Fortaleza (Brazil) and at Micro Investment Consultancy Services, a local consulting firm in Lagos (Nigeria). 
    Ludovica speaks Italian, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Michelle Dold
    Technical Assistance Associate
    T: +32 3 740 78 21
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    Michelle joined Incofin IM as Technical Assistance Associate in December 2016 and is responsible for supporting the department in daily management of the TA projects, facility development and communications.

    Prior to joining Incofin IM, Michelle held internships at international law firm Dechert LLP in San Francisco, where she served as a case assistant in the commercial real estate finance group, and at MicroCapital, where she worked as a microfinance research associate and contributing writer.

    Michelle studied International Development and Spanish language at the University of California, Los Angeles. She speaks English and Spanish and has a basic knowledge of Flemish. 

Team Colombia

  • David Dewez
    Regional Director LAC / Fund Manager Agro
    T: +57 1 7 44 23 28
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    David Dewez is Regional Director for Latin America & the Caribbean and as such is coordinating Incofin IM portfolio in that region. Investments in the region include debt to microfinance institutions, equity investments in microfinance and financing fair trade certified organizations. David has 14 years of experience in microfinance and is also a Board member of severel MFIs including Banco FIE (Bolivia), ACME (Haiti) and Crezcamos (Colombia) and a member of the Investment Committee of the Fair Trade Access Fund.  He joined Incofin in 2007 as an investment manager for South America, the Caribbean and Southern Africa.

    David is a guest lecturer at the Microfinance programs at Université Libre de Bruxelles and at Universidad Privada de Bolivia. Prior to Incofin IM, David worked for 6 years as a Senior Director at ACCION International. In this position he provided technical assistance to MFIs in various countries. His expertise included methodological auditing, microfinance product design, market research, training, and the development of a social performance tool (ACCION Social). David was also Coordinator of the Acción Network, a leading Microfinance network of 21 MFIs members.

    Previously, he worked as a microfinance researcher at International Development Research Center (IDRC), a Canadian research center, and is the author of various microfinance related topics publications. 

    David is an economist, graduated from Laval University Canada (M.A.) and from Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium (Licences). Born in Bolivia, David is fluent in Spanish, French and English.

  • Ruben de Haseth
    Director Private Equity
    T: + 57 1 744 23 28
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    Ruben currently serves as Director Private Equity and is responsible for all investments and divestitures of Incofin’s equity portfolio in Latin America and the Caribbean. He also serves as non-executive board member on several Board of Directors of Incofin investees in the region.

    Prior to joining Incofin in 2012, Ruben worked as Senior Investment Officer at Triodos Investment Management in the Netherlands. In this position he was worked on both equity investments and debt transaction in the Latin America region. Before that, Ruben was Director at ABN AMRO’s structured finance group in London, focusing on international structured and project financing transactions in Russia, other FSU countries and the Middle East.

    Ruben holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He is fluent in Dutch, English and Spanish.

  • Lia González Iza
    Senior Investment Manager
    T: +57 1 7 44 23 28
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    Lia González joined Incofin IM in January 2014 as Investment Officer of the Fair Trade Access Fund. She has five years of experience in investment banking activities such as financial structuring and modeling, project finance, M&As and corporate finance.

    Prior to Incofin IM, Lia worked for two years as Enterprise Investment Analyst of the Clinton Foundation, where she was part, at first, of the Fondo Acceso team, a social impact fund focused on SME’s equity investments in Colombia, and then she joined the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership focused in the creation and development of social enterprises in Latin America, Asia and Africa. She also worked for Grupo Odinsa and Vinci, leading organizations in the infrastructure sector in Colombia and France, where she was responsible for the financial analysis and modeling of large-scale transportation, utilities, telecommunications and energy-generation projects most of them operated with public-private partnerships.

    Lia holds an MBA in Responsible Management from Audencia Nantes École de Management in France and an undergraduate degree in Finance and International Relations from Universidad Externado de Colombia. She is fluent in Spanish, English and French and can express herself in Portuguese. 

  • Rosarito Mosqueira
    Senior Investment Manager Agro
    T: +57 1 7 44 23 28
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    Rosarito Mosqueira joined Incofin IM in 2012 as Investment Managerr.

    She gained experience as Territorial, Operational and Product Manager and as Supply Advisor, as well as consultant for many organizations, including GIZ (German cooperation for international cooperation)/Halba Chocolats-Swiss/Funder-Honduras, SNV (Netherlands Development Organization)/PROMECOM-Honduras, Care International/Aid Social-Spain, WorldVision/Save The Children and ADRA, and Utz Certified/Solidaridad/Utz Kapeh/Procaso-Honduras.

    In parallel to the consultancies, she worked as professor in Managerial Accounting and Finance for Master students in Finance, Marketing and Human Resources at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH) and as Supply Chain Advisor for the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV-Honduras). Previously, she served as Manager of Horticultural Products in PIIDEH/FPX-Honduras/BID/CBI-Netherlands, as Operational Manager Honduras for San Lucas Fresh S.A./Lapco Group-Guatemala and as Territorial Manager in Honduras for Alcon Group S. De R. L./Cargill Inc.-Unithed State.

    Rosarito holds an MBA in Finance from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras and graduated as Engineer in Agribusiness Management at the Zamorano University in Honduras and graduated as Expert in Banking and Financial Institutions from the Business School "Cumbre" of Bolivia. She is fluent in Spanish, has a good knowledge of English and can express herself in Portuguese.

  • Lina Ramirez
    Senior Investment Manager
    T: +57 1 7 44 23 28
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    Lina Ramirez gained six years of experience in the financial sector, having worked in various positions for Citibank Colombia. She started her career working as a Credit Risk analyst, responsible for analyzing companies from diverse sectors such as the chemical, plastics and finance industries. After that, she worked as a banker, specializing in finance. Her responsibilities included offering transactional, treasury and corporate finance services to insurance companies, stock brokers and microfinance institutions. Most recently, Lina worked as an investment banker, specializing in M&A transactions in the Andean region of South America.

    Lina obtained an MBA from Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in Belgium. She also holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. Lina is fluent in Spanish and English and is learning French.

  • Fallon Casper
    Investment Manager Agro
    T: + 57 1 744 23 28
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    Fallon Casper joined Incofin IM in April 2016 as Investment Officer of the Fair Trade Access Fund. She has eight years of experience in management consulting, entrepreneurship, and international development in Latin America and Africa.

    Prior to Incofin IM, Fallon worked for four years as Enterprise Development Manager at the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, Clinton Foundation. In this role, she identified, created, incubated, and supervised investment in for-profit social enterprises in agriculture and other emerging industries in Colombia, El Salvador and Peru. Her activities included conducting due diligence, financial modeling, market and industry research, risk analysis, and developing a comprehensive business and commercial strategy for the enterprises. She previously held consultancy positions for TechnoServe in Ethiopia, the social enterprise fellowship StartingBloc in New York, and the managing consulting firm Accenture, where she specialized in business process engineering for the social and government sectors in New York.

    Fallon holds an MIA in Economic and Political development, with a specialization in Management from the School of International & Public Affairs at Columbia University and an undergraduate degree in International Business from New York University. She is fluent in Spanish and English and can express herself in basic French and Hebrew.  


  • Victoria Morales Botero
    Legal Officer
    T: + 57 1 744 23 28
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    Victoria joined Incofin IM in March 2015 after practicing and specializing in international private law (financial and commercial law), in LATAM Region for over 10 years. She has advised lenders and borrowers, including the state-owned companies, in the areas of corporate finance, asset finance, and project finance deals, among others. She has focused mainly on structuring of mutual investment funds and private equity funds and on infrastructure projects and corporate governance matters. Victoria has also acted as advisor to issuers on debt issues, as well as to several Colombian and international clients in matters such as cross-border corporate governance aspects, structuring and implementing new businesses, joint ventures and other types of associations, having also participated in international corporate reorganizations and insolvency proceedings (mainly in LATAM region).


  • Yinak Padilla
    Financial Officer LAC
    T: +57 1 744 23 28
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    Yinak Padilla joined Incofin in July 2016.  She is a public accountant and finance specialist of the Cartagena University, with five years of experience in accounting, finance and auditin. Before Incofin IM,  she has been working in  several industrial, commercial and service companies. Yinak studied English at the Centro Colombo-Americano in Cartagena.

  • Felipe Vargas
    Investment Manager
    T: + 57 1 744 23 28
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    Felipe joined Incofin as an Investment Officer in August 2016, as part of the team in Colombia.

    He has experience in credit risk analysis as well as in equity and debt investments in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

    Before joining Incofin, he worked with Fitch Ratings as a Senior Analyst in the Financial Institutions and Corporate groups, and as an Investment Analyst in the International Finance Corporation (IFC), doing equity and debt investments in the manufacture, agriculture and services sectors in LAC.

    He recently worked for the Office of Evaluation and Oversight of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), assessing IDB’s investments into the private sector of different countries in the region. He holds an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, a Master degree in Economics and a Bachelor degree in Economics, both from Universidad de los Andes, in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Juan Camilo Rodriguez
    Investment Analyst
    T: + 57 1 7442328
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    Juan Camilo joined Incofin as an investment analyst in May 2017.

    Prior to joining Incofin, he worked for 4 years at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London. Working as an investment banking associate, he covered European corporates within the Debt Capital Markets team.  He also worked for 18 months in a Colombian boutique investment bank focusing in infrastructure.

    Juan Camilo holds a Master's degree in Finance from Imperial College London. He completed his undergraduate degree in Economics with a minor in fine arts at Universidad de los Andres in Bogotá. He is fluent in Spanish, English and German, and can express himself in Italian and French.

  • Janis Sofia Gomez Pineda
    Administrative Coordinator
    T: +57 1 7 44 23 28
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    Sofia Gomez joined Incofin as Administrative Coordinator in May 2017.

    Sofia studies law in evening school at the University of Gran Colombia and has more than 6 years of working experience. She has worked in private and public entities leading social development programs, providing solutions and responses to PQR, petition rights, claims and other tasks. She also has experience as an Administrative Assistant. 

    Sofia completed complementary studies in alternative methods of conflict resolution, advanced computer science and is currently studying English. 


Indian Advisory Team (*)

*An Independent advisory team contracted under a domestic private limited company
  • Aditya Bhandari
    Co-Head Asia Region
    T: +91 44 26 41 66 24
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    Aditya joined Incofin in 2009. He co-heads Incofin's Asia investment portfolio (Equity & Debt). He is in-charge for end-to-end investment cycle (origination to exits) and is hands on with portfolio companies. He specializes in deal sourcing and investment value-creation.

    He has over fifteen years of experience spread across investment management, investment banking and corporate finance. His professional repertoire includes working with Aavishkaar Venture Capital, Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered Bank.

    Aditya is a chartered accountant. He is an avid cricket player and coach of a local women’s cricket team. 

  • Sipika Nigam
    Investment Manager
    T: + 91 44 2641 6624
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    Sipika joined Incofin in April 2017 as an Investment Manager for Asia region at the Chennai office.

    Before joining Incofin, Sipika worked as a Senior Associate at a Debt advisory firm in Chennai handling funding for SME companies across multiple sectors as well as a short stint at an Equity advisory firm for a similar role. Prior to that, she worked for three years at Grama Vidiyal Microfinance Ltd., one of the prominent Microfinance institutions in India where she was primarily responsible for Debt syndication. Besides that, she also monitored the MFI operations across their North India portfolio .

    Sipika holds a Bachelors degree in Management Studies from Mumbai University. She is also a CFA level 2 candidate and holds an American and Indian commercial pilot license. She is fluent in English, Hindi and is conversant in a few other native languages.

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Administration Officer
    T: +91 88 70 08 55 52
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    Sanjay Kumar joined Incofin India in 2011 as an Administrative Officer.

    He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application from Bharathidasan University Tamil Nadu, India. Additionally, he has a completed a certificate course in calligraphy. He is fluent in Tamil, Hindi and speaks basic English.

Team Kenya

  • Patrick Ball
    Senior Investment Manager
    T: T: +254 (0) 791 445 829
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    Patrick Ball joined Incofin in 2015 as Senior Investment Manager for Africa.

    Patrick has been working in the financial services sector since 1997, starting his career in investment banking with Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. in New York and London and then private equity firm Doughty Hanson & Co. in London.

    Patrick has worked in development finance since 2003. He has worked in microfinance investment management for Developing World Markets and Deutsche Bank, served as CFO of FINCA DR Congo, and consulted in microfinance and SME access to finance for Winrock International in Nigeria and Development Alternatives Inc. in Armenia, Palestine and Jordan.

    Patrick holds a BSBA in Finance from Georgetown University and an MBA in Finance from The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He has also passed CFA Levels I and II. Patrick speaks English and French.


  • Kevin Kamemba
    Private Equity Manager Africa
    T: + 254 796 112 606
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    Kevin is Incofin's Private Equity Manager covering private equity investments for Africa. He is based in Nairobi and joined in 2017. 

    Kevin has been working in the investment sector since 2008, starting in investment banking with Dyer and Blair Investment Bank in Kenya and then Centum Investment in its private equity and real estate business lines. He worked as an Investment Director at Ascent Capital which covers PE investments in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia before joining Incofin.

    Kevin holds a BA degree in Economics from the University of Nairobi, He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) and a CPA. He is a member of of the East Africa CFA society and CAIA Boston Society.

Team Cambodia

  • Dina Pons
    Co-Head Asia Region & Impact Manager
    T: + 855 10 47 89 26
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    Dina joined Incofin IM at the beginning of 2011. Today Dina works in the Cambodian office as East Asia Regional Director for East Asia and as Social Performance Management Coordinator. She is also a member of the Board of Directors at the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF).

    Previous to joining Incofin, Dina was a senior analyst in charge of Southeast Asia at the global microfinance specialized rating agency Planet Rating where she conducted more than 25 rating missions in various Asian countries including Cambodia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and the Sri Lanka, but also in Africa (Nigeria, Niger) and in Europe (Scotland, Spain).

    Prior to that time, Dina worked for three years in microfinance as a training and operations consultant at PlaNet Finance and its sister company MicroCred (in both Mexico and China). At this position, she led TA missions for several Chinese rural microfinance NGOs where she has been responsible for market surveys, policies and procedures design, product development, and recruitment and training of field staff.

    Dina speaks fluent French, English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. She holds Master's degrees from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics (LSE) in Development Studies and in International Relations respectively.

  • Dannet Liv
    Investment Manager & Impact Officer
    T: +855 17 93 98 91
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    Dannet joined Incofin IM at the beginning of 2015 as an Investment Manager and Social Performance Officer in the East Asia Regional Office in Cambodia. Previous to joining Incofin, Dannet was the Managing Partner and Research Director of a research and consultancy firm specializing in microfinance in Cambodia; a firm she helped establish and operate successfully for over 9 years. At this position, she led over 50 research projects on the microfinance sector and various other sectors, specifically related to socioeconomic impact and rural development.

    Dannet speaks fluent English and Khmer. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Economics from Seattle University. 

  • Beatriz Tena
    Research Analyst
    T: +855 96 978 15 30
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    Beatriz joined Incofin in February 2017 as Research Analyst at the Phnom Penh Office.

    Previous to joining Incofin, Beatriz worked for three years at BNP Paribas, and in 2016, she completed a Master in Microfinance at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Beatriz has worked for Fundación CODESPA, an international development NGO specialized in the field of economic development using market creation, microfinance and capacity development as key tools in the fight against poverty. She has also worked at Gawa Capital, a Madrid based impact investment fund which invests in financial inclusion with the objective of providing a financial return for its investors aswell as a measurable social impact for low-income communities.

    Beatriz speaks fluent English and Spanish. She holds a degree in Business Administration by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.