Working for Incofin IM

Working for Incofin IM


We can describe our company and our employees with three key words: devoted, professional and dynamic.

  • A devoted partner: We strive to build a long-term relationship with all our clients and with other stakeholders. This is why our employees treat them in an open and honest manner.
  • Professional: Our employees have procedures and instruments at their disposal to work in an efficient way. They maintain close contacts with clients, investors and sector players such as raters and regulators.
  • Dynamic: Incofin IM responds to the evolving needs of investors and microfinance institutions and is always willing to adapt its offer to the demand. Our employees react in a quick and flexible manner to changing expectations, procedures and legislation.

Mission statement

Our mission is to invest in companies in the financial sector, in order to generate developmental impact by increasing financial access for the poor, while generating an attractive return to our investors.

Ethical code

Our ethical code is centered around the double bottom line (social and financial results), professionalism and responsibility. We offer investors a fair return over the long term, but we also take into account environmental, social and governance criteria when it comes to investment decision-making. This way, we prioritize the interests of our company, our investors and our clients.

Careers with Incofin IM

We currently have an opening for a 

                                       Technical Assistance Manager

1         Short Description of Incofin IM and the TA Unit

Incofin Investment Management (Incofin IM) is an international impact investor, with fifteen-year track record in promoting financial inclusion, particularly in rural areas and in the agricultural sector.

In 2010 Incofin IM created a Technical Assistance (TA) Unit responsible for managing technical assistance interventions to the benefit of financial institutions and organizations integrated in the sustainable agriculture value chains.

Incofin IM has been able to secure more than USD 7 Million for TA interventions granted by several international donors, including the French Development Agency (AFD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), the Belgian Investment Company (BIO), the Norwegian Microfinance Initiative (NMI), the Dutch Development Bank (FMO), and the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau Development Bank (KfW), among others.

To date, Incofin IM has provided TA services to 44 financial institutions in 32 countries around the world and a total of 64 TA projects have been implemented.

2         Function objective

  • Develop a Technical Assistance model as a value driver internally within Incofin IM and externally with main stakeholders (partner institutions and donors).
  • Working on the fundraising of the current TA Facilities and designing new Technical Assistance (TA) Facilities/TA initiatives
  • Organize and monitor high quality technical assistance (TA) services originated during the investment process (due-diligence) and monitoring the technical assistance process
  • Share and exchange knowledge with partner institutions and broader stakeholders
  • Supervise and coordinating the activities of the TA team (Technical Assistance Officer and Technical Assistance Associate-intern-)

3         Main responsibilities

Programming and Fundraising

  • Working on the fundraising of the new technical assistance facilities (agTAF and FAF TAF) engaging with key donors together with the business development department
  • Defining the structuring of new TA initiatives: elaborating the content of the programmes, including the structuring  of the operating manuals  and legal documents
  • Drawing lessons learnt and main insights from the project implementation which can inform the design of new Funds, facilities and other initiatives
  • Identifying innovative trends in the financial inclusion and agriculture finance and/or fintech landscape to focus on Incofin IM’s TA programmes and facilities

Operational Management

-        Identification: Liaise with Incofin IM Investment Managers to identify new TA projects;

-        Formulation

              o   Elaborating the TA Project Proposals together with the investment managers and partner institutions, to be presented to Donors and/ or the                                Technical Assistance Committees

o   Coordinating the organization and set-up of the Technical Assistance Committees in charge of approving the project proposals

-        Procurement

o   Coordinating transparent selection process of experts/consultants for each project

-        Project Implementation & Administrative and technical monitoring

o   Following-up the legal aspects of the TA project

o   Monitoring TA interventions: (i) supporting MFI in the preparation of monitoring reports, (ii) preparing on a six month basis the TA Progress reports        for the facilities under management; (iii) reviewing deliverables; and (iv) attending update calls with Partner Institutions and/ or consultants

o   Following up TA budgets: liaising with the financial departments to process payments, monitoring expenses, preparing budget overview per project      and per facility

o   Coordinating the audit missions

-        Donor relationship management

o   Liaising with donors, in order to keep good and long-term funding relation

-        Communication

o   Coordinating the up-dating the website on the TA Section

o   Coordinating the organization of workshop, seminars, best practice sharing events

o   Coordinating the development of case studies and brochures

People Management

o   Supervising and coordinating and providing support to the activities of the TA team

4        Key Competencies

  • Takes on innovation and new approaches;
  • Conceptualizes more effective approaches to programme development and implementation and to mobilizing and using resources;
  • Builds trust in interactions with clients and stakeholders, facilitates partnerships;
  • Negotiations skills: capacity to work with diverse partners including donors, investors, consultants, financial institutions and producer organizations, among others
  • Proven ability to develop a business in line with strategic goals
  • Approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude and responds positively to feedback;
  • Committed to team work
  • Ability to lead effectively and mentoring
  • Strong communication skills within the company and with external stakeholders
  • Proficiency in English in required.  French and Spanish is a key asset

5         Key Skills

  • Demonstrated expertise in developing and managing grant program activities
  • Strong background in programme management and fundraising in an international development context
  • Experience overseeing procurements and service contracts in compliance with donor regulations
  • Relevant experience in financial inclusion and/or agricultural finance is a strong plus

6         Reporting Structure

  • The TA Manager will be reporting to the Management Committee.
  • The TA Manager will be supervising the activities of the TA team.
  • The TA Manager will liaise with the Investment Department, Business Development Department, Legal Department and Financial Department on a regular basis.

7         How to apply

To apply please submit by the 10th of January the following documents to Milena Leoni ( ) and Danielle Du Bois (

  1. A supporting statement highlighting how your skills and experience meet the person specification (one page maximum)
  2. Your CV
  3. Details of two referees, including a recent employer (to be consulted at the later stage of recruitment)


In the best interests of investor and investee

“The charm of working with Incofin is that it allows every employee to think like an entrepreneur."