Working for Incofin IM

Working for Incofin IM


We can describe our company and our employees with three key words: devoted, professional and dynamic.

  • A devoted partner: We strive to build a long-term relationship with all our clients and with other stakeholders. This is why our employees treat them in an open and honest manner.
  • Professional: Our employees have procedures and instruments at their disposal to work in an efficient way. They maintain close contacts with clients, investors and sector players such as raters and regulators.
  • Dynamic: Incofin IM responds to the evolving needs of investors and microfinance institutions and is always willing to adapt its offer to the demand. Our employees react in a quick and flexible manner to changing expectations, procedures and legislation.

Mission statement

Our mission is to invest in companies in the financial sector, in order to generate developmental impact by increasing financial access for the poor, while generating an attractive return to our investors.

Ethical code

Our ethical code is centered around the double bottom line (social and financial results), professionalism and responsibility. We offer investors a fair return over the long term, but we also take into account environmental, social and governance criteria when it comes to investment decision-making. This way, we prioritize the interests of our company, our investors and our clients.


In the best interests of investor and investee

“The charm of working with Incofin is that it allows every employee to think like an entrepreneur."