Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Incofin IM considers Technical Assistance (TA) to be paramount in improving the quality of services provided by financial institution and/or smallholder producer organisations to their clients.

The set-up of a RIF II TA Facility has marked a shift in the investment philosophy of systematically combining the investment with the provision of advisory services. The approach taken for the implementation and the management of the TA Facility is based on a participatory capacity development assessment and close follow up of the entire project cycle.

TA Facility at Incofin IM

Since 2008, Incofin IM created a TA department. As TA Manager, Incofin IM is responsible to identify the TA needs, and developing TA projects in a participatory approach. The TA services are provided by means of external experts selected through an open and transparent procurement process..

Incofin IM has been able to secure more than US$ 6,5 million for TA interventions with the support of the international donor community including the French Development Agency (AFD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Belgian Investment Company (BIO); the Norwegian Microfinance Initiative (NMI), the Dutch Development Bank (FMO), the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and the own contribution of some of the funds advised (Incofin cvso and RIF II).

To date, more than 40 TA assignments has been implemented and Incofin IM has been able to establish a robust database of technical assistance providers across a range of sectors, countries and areas of expertise.

The TA Facility engages competent and reliable consultant partners in the following areas of interventions

  • Product Development: to support the development, rolling out and adjustment of new products/methodologies (credits, savings, insurance) catering the needs of final clients with a specific focus to rural areas and agriculture.
  • Risk Management, Internal Control: to review and improve the current risk policies and framework to enable the institutions to cover new area of business.
  • Social Performance Management and Client Protection Principles: to promote and raise awareness on the adoption of standards and best practices in transparency, over-indebtedness prevention; responsible treatment of clients.
  • Alternative Delivery Channels: to support financial institution to explore opportunities for developing new delivery channels that can increase efficiencies and cost effectiveness in service provision, thus contributing to a decrease in the high-cost structure of providing financial services in rural and underserved areas.
  • Operational strengthening.

In 2015, Incofin IM is planning to launch a new TA Facility to enhance the financial inclusion of underserved smallholder farmers and rural entrepreneurs by increasing the outreach and improving the capacity of selected financial institutions and producer organisations. To know more how your organization can contribute to the grant provision you can contact the Technical Assistance or the Business Development Departments.

Incofin IM is continuously looking for consultants interested in a potential partnership with Incofin IM TA Facility. Experts   who are interested in TA assignments are invited to contact the TA department by sending an email to:

TA Facility donors at Incofin IM