Involved in sector initiatives

Involved in sector initiatives

Active promoter of social performance

In line with our objective to combine financial with social performance, Incofin IM is involved in several sector initiatives in connection with social performance. Social performance refers to putting a company’s social mission into practice.

Smart Campaign & Client Protection Principles

Incofin IM is a participant in the Smart Campaign. This initiative promotes six principles for protecting the (final) microfinance customer. These are the rules which microfinance institutions should take into account in their contacts with clients:

  • Avoidance of over-indebtedness
  • Transparent and responsible pricing
  • Appropriate collection practices
  • Ethical staff behaviour
  • Mechanisms for redress of grievances
  • Privacy of client data

Incofin IM actively promotes the rules of the Smart Campaign by integrating them into the ECHOS-tool.

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Social Performance Task Force

Incofin IM is an active member of the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF). SPTF defines social performance and functions as a platform for promoting and investigating social performance in the sector. It also determines measurement standards. Incofin IM is a member of the Steering Committee for this initiative.

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Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance

Incofin IM signed the Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance (PIIF), which result from the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI). De PIIF-principles promote the idea that social affairs, environmental aspects and good governance can influence the results of investments. This is why investors should take these elements into account for their investment and why they should evaluate them thoroughly.

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Microfinance Transparency Campaign

Incofin IM endorses the Microfinance Transparency Campaign, which strives for transparent pricing in the microfinance sector. MFTransparency assesses the actual prices charged by microfinance institutions worldwide for their products and publishes the results in a clear and consistent way.

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Incofin Investment Management is geassocieerd lid van EVPA.

EVPA is een ledenassociatie van Europese organizaties die geïnteresseerd zijn in of zelf  venture philanthropy en sociale investeringen in de praktijk brengen. Venture philantrophy staat voor een zakelijke, resultaatgerichte aanpak van 'liefdadigheid'.    EVPA werd opgericht in 2004 en vormt een vooraanstaand netwerk van Europese sociale investeerders en Venture Philantropists. 

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