Activities & approach

Activities & approach

Efficient and involved

Incofin IM is an involved investor. Our investment managers first visit the institutions in which we intend to invest, and submit them to an in-depth audit. Afterwards, they conduct on-site monitoring of every investment. This is why Incofin IM refers to itself as “committed beyond investment”: we assist our clients before, during and after the investment through coaching, customer care and technical assistance.

Our staff has access to the processes and tools necessary for bringing investment files to a favorable conclusion.

Debt & equity

Incofin IM invests with the funds it advises in microfinance institutions through equity and debt.

Our objective is to build up a large part of our portfolio with equity investments, because they go hand in hand with a greater involvement of Incofin IM in the institution. For this type of investment, Incofin IM collaborates in strategic decision-making and appoints a member to the Board of Managing Directors.

Risk management

Incofin IM’s investments are exposed to various types of risks. Country risks include, for example, political risks (such as war or civil war) and transfer risks (the impossibility of recovering the invested means due to scarcity of foreign exchange or other governmental measures). To minimize these risks, we have an insurance policy with the Credendo Group, the Belgian export credit insurer.

There are also market and environmental risks, which are scaled down by a healthy geographical spread of our portfolio.

Finally, we maintain active control over commercial risks and foreign exchange risks by, for instance, strict financial analyses and currency swaps.