• Launch of new FPM SA Fund to provide tailor made financing for MSMEs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

    FPM SA, a new Fund for Financial Inclusion will support financial institutions targeting micro, small and medium enterprises in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Incofin Investment Management will act as the fund advisor for FPM SA, bringing on board its specific experience and knowledge of the financial services market for micro, small and medium enterprises in the DRC. Incofin cvso will contribute to the capital of FPM SA.
  • First investment of the Fairtrade Access Fund in Brazil

    The umbrella organization Casa Apis, which unites several honey producing cooperatives in Brazil, received a Trade Finance Loan from the Fairtrade Access Fund. It is the first investment of the Fund in Brazil and will also benefit the 8,000 families active in the family farms involved in the honey production chain.
  • Fairtrade Access Fund welcomes second Colombian coffee exporter in its portfolio

    C.I. Kyoto S.A.S, a coffee exporting company in Colombia, was granted a Trade Finance Loan by the Fairtrade Access Fund. The loan will support the purchase of FLO and Organic certified coffee from members of Small Producers Organizations mainly located in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. As a result the SPOs will have the resources to perform their coffee collection activities on time and guarantee the coffee availability in order to comply with the contracts.

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